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Our Project

We have launched our crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe for a VR Hypnotherapy app to develop it in Ukrainian and English. The app will be an immersive experience to help people in Ukraine suffering from Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Grief & Loss, as well as help people move forward with positive reinforcement and achieve their fullest potential.

The crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to develop the app, and I’m already cooperating with a reputable software development company in Ukraine Knubisoft,  which has significant experience developing VR and AR solution, including a VR training app for pilots for one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

As for the team, we have team of hypnotherapists on board experienced in dealing with a range of issues contributing sessions. Also a Ukrainian linguist, who is a former English teacher in Ukraine, and very familiar with hypnotherapy. In addition to the linguistics aspect, we have support for the logistics to deliver the VR headsets with the hypnotherapy app pre-installed to hospitals that need it most.

I’ll be going to Lviv and Kyiv in Ukraine to personally launch the app at hospitals, schools, community centres, to ensure the headsets with the app preinstalled are delivered where they are needed most, working with local government organisations.

The other aim of the campaign is to raise funds for at least 100 Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets with the app pre-installed to distribute them to hospitals, schools, and community centres in Ukraine, as well those displaced away from their homes. There’s also a feature where people can receive an audio version of their personalised hypnotherapy sessions help reinforce the healing and positive changes.

Users will be able to choose their own audio-visual experiences and the issues they want to deal with. As for why the VR part is essential, the immersive visual aspect is designed to help people disassociate and detach from their highly charged emotional states. In addition to the visual experiences, sound therapy will be used with frequencies embedded in the relaxing sounds that are scientifically proven to heal and deal with specific issues.

Obviously, the more funds we can raise, the more headsets we can provide, and the more people we can help, plus add more features, as well as continually improving the app.

We can develop the app within 5-6 weeks and start helping people in Ukraine by March 2023..

I’ve been blessed to help many people with hypnotherapy, and seen the shifts made in their lives, feeling confident and empowered, even achieving successes they never planned for or expected. And there’s has been great feedback on the gentle hypnotherapy audio I prepared to help people “Let Go and Reset”.

Trauma can last for life, affecting every life choice we make. We want to help people reset back to their natural default settings, and be the best version of themselves, not being limited or defined by their traumas.
If you want to help Ukraine heal from trauma, you can support our crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe click on the link below: