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Hi I’m Med Bukey, and I’ve always been intrigued by hypnosis since I was a kid forced to watch old black and white films by my grandmother (she had control of the TV); in those old films from the 1940s there would always be a villain with a dodgy whiny monotone European accent, immaculately dressed in a white suit, who would hypnotise a unwitting subject into divulging critical information, whilst swinging their pocket watch, or stirring a cup of tea, telling the subject they were sleepy. This my friend is a myth.

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what was I
lookinG for?

Fast forward to 1977, the year Star Wars was released, and we have Obi Wan Kenobi, played by Sir Alec Guinness, using his Jedi ‘mind tricks’ on obedient Imperial Stormtroopers, where with the gentle side swipe of his fingers and his smooth rich flowing tone of voice says the phrase “these are not the Droids you’re looking for”. I was 10 years old, the film mesmerised me, as it did my entire generation, Generation X, and became hooked on Star Wars to this day. Since seeing Sir Alec Guinness perform his classic Hypnotic ‘Jedi Mind Trick’, I became intrigued by hypnosis and the power of the mind.

One of the underlying messages in Star Wars is learning to master your mind thoughts, consciousness, emotions, feelings, and learning to let go of fears, which can lead to hate, which is the ultimate path to ‘The Dark Side’. Since then, I’ve been looking to understand and master my own mind, which is a continual process of growth. 


Fast forward 10 years, from the first Star Wars, I just turned 20, and enrolled at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood in Los Angeles California. It was here I started learning about the Subconscious Mind, and the Conscious Logical Mechanical mind, and started practicing Meditation, to help me get into a state of flow, and to allow creativity to pour out. Meditation helped me focus, but I wanted more.

Then at university, where I studied technology, I needed help with my studies and exams, so I bought celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna’s “EXAM SUCCESS” and “EXAM CONFIDENCE” Self-Hypnosis tapes, you remember tapes? They were an incredible help, and it was like I was on Auto Pilot throughout the exams, as well as calm, excelling in all the exams.


Amidst the unprecedented challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown in March 2020, I found a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. As the world grappled with government restrictions and enforced self-isolation, I recognized the pressing need for support and healing during this challenging time. Unable to venture outside, individuals were compelled to turn their focus inward, engaging in introspection to navigate the uncertainties that surrounded them.

It was during this time I put my experiences and full focus into Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in greater depth and at mastery level, as well as NLP and Transformational Coaching, completing practitioner programs with mentored by my coach, the renowned Ali Campbell, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and transformational life coach to Rock Stars, Royalty, Actors, Athletes and more. I also studied hypnosis at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute under Larry Elman, the son of Dave Elman who wrote the book “HYPNOTHERAPY” for the medical profession in the US.

I am a Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy from the CMA / Complimentary Medical Association.

Experiencing and studying hypnosis over the last 25 years has been empowering and I have been fortunate enough to give and receive hypnotherapy sessions with my peers, giving me a greater understanding of myself, and people I engage with. it has been transformative.  

I committed myself to providing solace and assistance to those grappling with various issues induced or exacerbated by the pandemic. Since then, I have conducted hundreds of individual sessions, offering a lifeline to those in need, and reached thousands more through the transformative power of hypnotherapy and carefully crafted hypnosis audios. In the face of adversity, my journey has been one of empowerment, understanding, and profound transformation.

Me with my mentor and coach, the renowned hypnotherapist and transformational life coach Ali Campbell on Hypnosis Mastery Weekend October 2022.


  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Academy with Ali Campbell
  • Rapid Induction Hypnosis Academy with Ali Campbell
  • Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute
  • Hypnosis Mastery Academy with Ali Campbell
  • NLP Practitioner Academy with Ali Campbell
  • Transformational Life Coaching Academy with Ali Campbell
  • The Complementary Medical Association accredited member